TRON: Legacy Adidas Sneakers With New Technology

There is no doubt that these TRON inspired sneakers by Adidas are a geek’s dream come true. However, there is a little something extra special about these particular shoes.

The blue TRON glowing lights aren’t just part of some random reflective glow-in-the-dark materials. Nope, those are actually three dimensional, elastomeric, membranous, flexible electroluminescent lamps! In other words, those are lamps built into the shoes. Oryon Technologies has patented this brand new technology, and you can read all about the juicy geeky details on their official website.

I can’t wait for this movie to be released in December. To me, the original TRON movie is one of the all time greatest geek classic films. I’m so happy to see that these shoes are perfect for this movie. They were truly done right! Nice job!

[via freshnessmag]