Get Clean the Geek Way! | Digital Soaps

Did you just get dirty while fixing the car? Did you just get inside from the yard after doing some gardening and find that your hands are all dirty? Probably not because you’re a geek and geeks hire people to do that right? Maybe you finally upgraded the little bastard of a computer that always had a weird sound to it, and didn’t really measure up to your expectations.

In any case, there might be (just might be) some residue on your hands from the oil inside your computer that lubricates the fans and other parts and you just can’t stand that smell. Nevertheless, all the dust left in there after standing there always keeps on attracting whatever dust there is in your house. And knowing you’re a geek it’s probably a lot. In any scenario, I think I have found the solution for you.

How about a soap in the form of a geeky and retro Nintendo 8bit controller? Or how about a Playstaion controller or a wireless handheld from the 90’s? They all come in the smoothest of soaps. Carved, molded, fabricated and created just for you… the geeks I mean. DigitalSoap is a premium maker of geek soaps and let me tell you, they look awesome!

And as we have tons visiting us each day, which we think is really rad, I thought I’d give you a pathway to heaven. After all, when you’re enjoying that bath along with that squeaky duck you will need some soap every once in a while to keep yourself clean. It is a myth that geeks don’t take a shower or a bath sometimes. I can tell you that living up to the famous early lifestyle of Bill Gates isn’t always that appealing… especially when you have co-workers around. Just a thought.