Unravel Your Life With This Creatively Morbid Calendar

I can’t decide if this is creatively cute or truly morbid. So, for the moment, I’ll call it creatively morbid. We often read happy and cheery quotes about living life to the fullest and making the most of each day. I see these types of quotes daily on Twitter.

However, industrial designer Patrick Frey has a different take on things. Instead of being all happy about each passing day, he calls it like he sees it… being slowly unraveled into a useless pile of nothingness. Wow, that’s so positive, isn’t it? :)

Joking aside, this little calendar is a brilliant design and the video below is cute as a button. You just hang it on the wall and pull the string slowly until it’s completely gone. It’s quite a powerful metaphor. You can purchase your own knitted 2011 calendar here. That way, you’ll be all set to start unstitching your own life very soon.

[via polkadot]