Urban Vinyl Japanese Designer Toys

I just love the customizable urban vinyl designer toys , just too bad its pretty hard to get them where i come from.  Found this Kidrobot Mini Munny Ornament DIY Customize Christmas trees and Hanukkah bushes with our first ever, 4-inch MUNNY ornament.

You can make this holiday your very own by transforming MUNNY with crayons, paint or anything else you want! Holiday MUNNY comes with a candy cane, sign and cotton scarf, plus red and green markers and a collectible sticker.  This actually comes in many themes and can be designed based on the theme that the toy come with.  It is super fun to decorate and play around with, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild.

t_URT08411Urban vinyl is a type of designer toy, featuring action figures in particular which are usually made of vinyl. Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term designer toy, it is more accurately used as a modifier: not all designer toys can be considered urban vinyl, while urban vinyl figures are necessarily designer toys, by virtue of the way in which they are produced. Like designer toys in general, urban vinyl figures feature original designs, small production numbers, and are marketed to collectors, predominantly adults.

Here are some other examples of cool vinyl toys.  Hope you enjoy!