Light-Up Death Star LED Ornament Is A Must-Have For Star Wars Fans

Creativity grows thick over at Nashville-based craftycounterpart, and they have recently unveiled their latest and much impressive light-up Death Star LED ornament. Yes, it is as incredibly cool as it sounds and you could create one yourself by following their straightforward step-by-step tutorial. If you can’t imagine how much of a geek factor an LED ornament has then I suggest you keep reading and find out. It is quite an impressive build.

Before you ask, yes they recently made their step-by-step tutorial available over at Instructables (link at the end of the article), and if you follow it you will have your very own Death Star LED ornament before long.

So what do you really need in order to complete this cool build? Well, you will have to acquire clear acrylic balls, LED tealights, clay, spray paint, painters tape and a mindset that doesn’t budge even if it would take you a thousand years to build your Death Star. Of course, it is not going to take that long, don’t worry. It is quite a simple build, but it requires some geeky skills to make it look cool.

If you happen to come across any miniature X-Wing ornaments when you’re out Christmas shopping, then by all means pick some up. They would make a great accessory to this Death Star LED ornament and would complete the scenery to match that in the Star Wars movie. Once finished and the lights are turned off you will have a “fully operational” Death Star LED ornament hovering in your tree casting its looming shadow over the Christmas presents your kids can’t keep their pesky hands off of.

If anything, this Death Star LED ornament would make for great security as it will keep its planetary death ray focused on anything or anyone trying to sneak a peek before the magical day arrives when the presents can be opened. Star Wars FTW! – Full Death Star LED Ornament Tutorial.

CraftyCounterPart’s Death Star LED Ornament

Death Star LED Ornament

Death Star LED Ornament

Death Star LED Ornament

Death Star LED Ornament

Via: [Technabob] [Laughing Squid]