USB Flash Memory Cufflinks For The Lavish Geek

Again I just have to touch on the subject of USB memory sticks and their potential unbeatable use. As you all know, I have been reviewing quite a lot of USB concepts lately and it’s one of my pet peeves so bear with me. You must admit that they always come in handy and always do their job. Lately they have become both more durable and of course larger in terms of storage capacity. It’s not unusual that you will see 125 GB and up when it comes to the larger USB sticks.

The ones I want to introduce you to this time are small. As a matter of fact, they are tiny… über tiny. They come as a pair of cufflinks and will serve any geek 2 GBs of memory to store important and private information. It’s almost like they were intended for James Bond or something. You can’t even detect that they are lavish and highly working USB sticks that you just pop into your computer and start downloading whatever it is that you need to download.

However, don’t expect them to follow you home cheaply. For a pair they will make a $195 dent in your wallet. If you still want a couple, then you can get them at It’s all up to you how you want to use them. Maybe Bit Rebels has some secret agents looking for something like this or just a geek executive that wants to impress other executives with these tiny pieces of awesomeness. It would suck though to forget to remove them before doing your laundry. Geeks, you know you have to wash your clothes every now and then… and don’t forget to take a shower too. Sitting in front of that computer 24/7 doesn’t exactly enhance your hygiene.