Vader Unmasked: Star Wars Volkswagen Commercial Bloopers

The Volkswagen Star Wars commercial with the Baby Darth Vader Discovering The Force that I wrote about a week ago and that blasted during the Super Bowl this year has become an instant hit and a viral video on the Internet.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was the best commercial in a very long time.  Maybe that’s because I am such a huge Star Wars fan and, of course, because the little dude in that huge helmet does a kick ass job acting.  The end of the commercial is the best part when he is suddenly confronted with the fact that he might, just might, have found the force after all.  The cuteness of the video is undisputed, and I am sure there will be many spoofs and remakes of this commercial in the future.

But as always, there is of course a bloopers video.  It’s the stuff that during the shooting of the commercial didn’t quite go as planned.  Even though I think the commercial in itself is way better, I still find it heavily entertaining, and just like with the actual commercial, it truly kicks ass.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the little boy who plays the baby Darth Vader, and I am sure he’s going to find plenty of acting jobs after this.  Who can deny that this little fella has enormous potential?  I mean, the surprise look gestures he does in the end are just priceless.  What is the boy’s name?  That little guy’s name is Max Page, and he is six (6!!) years old.  The dude is awesome!

Max Page Darth Vader Unmasked

Baby Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial