Want a Virtual Assistant on Your Phone?

What if you need a cab? What if you want to make a dinner reservation at 7pm, and you don’t know where the best new place to take your friends is? Sometimes there are days when we get really busy and having a personal assistant would really be a big help!  This app is great since more and more people are getting online and starting to link their web activities to their mobile phones. It’s called Siri.

Siri is a Virtual Personal Assistant – a new way to interact with the Internet on your mobile phone.  Like a real assistant, Siri helps you get things done.  You interact with Siri by just saying, in your own words, what you want to do.  You can ask Siri to find a romantic place for dinner, and get reservations for Saturday night.  You can discover things to do over the weekend, get tickets to the movies, or call a cab when you’re out on the town.  You don’t have to search through a bunch of web pages, following links and hunting down facts.  Siri does all the work giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

What’s great about it is that it is easy to sign up and its FREE!