Welcome! – Introducing Our New Writers

Today is a special day! I am really happy to announce that Bit Rebels now have 3 more writers injecting new and fantastic posts to our ever growing design, tech and humor community website. With these three new really cool people I am sure you guys will have no need to look further for any other website to deliver your favorite posts to inspire, entertain and put you in the front row of the tech roller coaster.

Our new super talented writers are:

Cameron Olivier – Some may know him from Twitter as one of the most caring and inspiration guys around. His expertise in programming is outstanding and he is always the one delivering great design inspiration.

Rob MacKay – A great designer and a fantastic conversationalist. Rob is sure to deliver really interesting posts in any of our three guideline categories ad you can always expect the very best coming from him.

Arnt Edvin Eriksen – A super talented designer. Always has great inspiration and he never stop to impress me. When I thought I was the one being a Twitter fanatic, he always seems to bring things to the next level.

It’s with great pleasure and inspiration I welcome these three exciting new additions to Bit Rebels. I am sure you will enjoy their contributions and their work starts pouring on to the site Sunday.

Guys, welcome to the wonderful world of weird and cool!

Found of Bit Rebels,

R. Darell