What To Look For In Mobile Games

There are thousands of mobile games to choose from, with so many genres, like SpinCasino in the gambling niche, that can tickle your fancy. One problem that comes with this volume of choices is the decision-making process. With so many games available for free, which one should you pick?

Today, we will help you make this decision by showing you some fundamental areas of how to choose a mobile game. Ultimately, you should not have any trouble deciding what games to play on your mobile device.

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The first thing you want to check is its compatibility with your device. Some games work best on tablets but not on phones, and some games are effective on iOS but not on Android.

In addition to this, you must look for the game specs. For example, you should check how much RAM the game requires.

For example, many mobile phones cannot run Fortnite, even if these phones use the Android operating system. Fortnite requires a 64-bit Android that runs on version 8.0 or higher. The minimum RAM it needs is at least 4GB.

If the game is incompatible, it may run, but you will not have the most optimal experience. You will suffer from glitches, delays, static issues, framerate issues, etc.


How much does the game cost? While most games today are free, be wary, as these games are only free to download, but you may have to make in-app purchases to progress in them.

Most casual games make money from ads. For ad-driven games, you do not pay any money, but you pay with your time. These ads can get very annoying and disturb your overall gaming experience.

On the other hand, there are games that we classify as pay-to-win. These games are free to download and play. However, there comes the point in the game where you cannot advance anymore unless you buy something to strengthen your character, car, plane, etc.

Pay-to-win games are the worst. Only people who have a lot of money to spend will eventually be on top of the leaderboards. Gambling games, the real-cash ones, are different. Even if you deposit money to win, you also have a chance to win it back and even more.

Pay-to-win games are those that, by design, will not allow you to progress unless you buy upgrades or in-app currencies.

Ultimately, it is always better to buy a game with an upfront cost. A game like this typically will not ask you for money to win. Instead, you win based on your skills.


What rewards do you get for winning or playing? Some games will give you free in-app currency; some will give you nothing. What matters here is the personal gratification you get.

Here are some rewards you can look for:

  • Improvement in skills
  • Social rewards and recognition
  • Mystical items that are rare
  • In-app currency or gems that you can use

The reward you get is an essential component of your choice. There are people who like to play Diablo or similar games where they can get rare items, like armour, which they can sell in the real world.

Since this mystical item is not for sale, only the lucky ones will get this drop. Once you have it, you can go to an online marketplace where you can sell the items to someone else and make real money out of it.

User Experience

The last thing you must look for in a mobile game is the user experience. It encompasses everything that you experience in the game.

For example, what is the audio like? How about the controls? Some games are so bad that there is a delay between the time you tap a button and the time the character moves. The graphics are also one thing. Today, excellent graphics has become a basic expectation.

In addition, socialization is also another measurement of the experience. Can you play online with friends or compete with people globally?

Finally, does the game take you to a fictional world where you can live the character’s life? What is the story in the game, and is the story all that interesting? All these things matter, and only you can really judge whether the user experience is worth it or not.


Picking a game is like picking clothing—it must fit your personality and your interests or your goals. There are games that do not take a lot of time to compete, and then there are casual games you can use to pass the time.

Then, there are games you can play to enhance your skills, like blackjack or poker. Some are strategy games where you must win against real opponents. Pick a game that drives you, and you will be happy with this choice, provided that the game is not a pay-to-win one.

Disclaimer: Never play for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

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