When Video Game Characters Escape To Reality…

Imagine for a second that you could immerse yourself in a game so much so that it felt like reality. Wait a minute, that’s almost possible today, and the faster the technology gets, the better the experience will become. However, there is still some adventuring to be done before we can fully believe we’re in a real world even though we’re not. But would we really want an alternative world to be as realistic since we wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart? That would be a scary experience cause once you forget how many times you have entered the imaginary world you will have lost track of which is the real one. What would we do then? Would we suddenly become victims to our own imagination, somewhat like in the movie Inception? I mean, we would have to have some kind of way to tell the two apart.

Since we are not there yet, I might as well put that thought to rest for now. But what if the characters within our already existing imaginary gaming worlds escaped to reality? Would we be able to track them down? And, most importantly, how would that work? The only thought that remains now is the same one that Aled Lewis had when he started to create his hilarious series of mashups featuring game characters in our real world.

With the 8-Bit graphics, it’s not so hard to spot them, and quite frankly, I totally enjoy this better than any realistic rendering blurring the lines between reality and fiction. I remember pretty much all of these characters, and that must mean I am truly a geek of measures. They are brilliant compositions if you ask me!