When Zoo Animals Become Extinct This Is What We’ll Do!

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about dog owners pimping their dogs out to look like nothing less that a bunch of freak show animals. As you could see, there was no end to what a dog owner will sometimes put their dog through in order to bring a little originality in their life. I honestly thought that that was as far as anyone would go, but wow was I wrong. I recently stumbled over some rather interesting images that originate from Japan. They are quite odd to say the least.

These images only need to answer one question to explain their entire existence, and it’s quite bizarre. What if zoo animals became extinct and we had no way to bring them back? How would we ensure that our children and their children would be able to grace upon the same wonderful animals that we get to peek at today?

It’s simple really, at least if you are asking these Japanese dog owners. All you have to do is turn your dog into those particular extinct animals and there you go. A golden retriever is a perfect tiger for example. It’s quite disturbing really, and I can’t help but wonder how long it must have taken them to dye those animals into the right colors and what they had to endure during the pampering. Maybe they liked it… who knows.