How To: Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength With A Beer Can

Just a couple days ago I wrote an article called The Truth About Wi-Fi Coverage In Your Home. It was about a hilarious little map someone created that showed where the wi-fi signal strength sucks in our homes (which is pretty much everywhere we need it). I live in a house at the bottom of a hill, so for me, it’s extra bad. There are a few things we can do to increase our wi-fi signal strength, but most of them require a lot of trial and error and testing. There is one sure-fire way to get two extra bars though, and it involves a beer can.

In all fairness, I’ve done this before, and I can tell you that a Pringles can works better, but if you don’t have a Pringles can handy, a beer can will do just fine (and it’s a cheap solution). First, open it and drink the beer. Second, rinse out the can so it’s all clean. Next, follow the directions in this short video created by Hack College. Another piece of advice I have for you regarding this is to be sure you are being very careful when you cut the beer can. You’ll have to use a very sharp knife or razor blade to get this right, and the can itself will be very sharp when you’re finished.

Although this may seem like a silly solution, I think you’ll agree that when you’re working on a project and the wi-fi signal strength is bad, you’ll do just about anything to make it stronger. Plus, with this solution, you’ll be able to pop a cold one while you’re at it. It’s all in the name of improving your wi-fi.

How To: Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength With A Beer Can


Via: [Design Taxi] [Hack College] Header Image Credit: [Louisiana Recycling]