14 Spaceship Homes: Get Ready To Ditch Earth By 2012!

If you’re one of the millions of people that hauled your butt to the movie theater to watch the epic movie “2012” only to come out of it fully convinced that Earth is going kablam exactly when the Mayan calendar says it will, this might be something for you to consider. There are people out there that are so unearthly inspired by the phenomenon of UFOs that they have taken their hard earned cash and built themselves a piece of a spaceship home.

It is unknown if they plan on ditching this place by 2012, or if they are aliens trying to feel a little bit more at home visiting our humble planet. However, the fact remains that these houses truly are something out of this world. I wonder how I would feel if I lived in a calm and quiet neighborhood and a newcomer came along and built one of these slam tracks in the middle of everything.

Maybe it would be a cool thing for a few days, but I can hardly imagine that anyone would find it very amusing having to look at a spaceship 24/7 when at home. But then again, I am not a neighbor to one of these houses, so how could I know, right? Some of these are quite inspiring, and I wonder what it would be like living in them. Maybe someone should build a hotel for us non-aliens to try out so we could see what it’s like to be housed like an alien. On second thought, I wonder if the FBI would turn up constantly trying to conceal the location. The phrase “Move on…nothing to see here!” would actually get kind of tedious.