Willy Wonka Shoes | Candy Snack Whenever You Want

Who could have missed the re-make of “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” (New Title: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) from 1972. In the re-make we see Johnny Depp doing an unforgettable interpretation of Willy Wonka that is sure to stay in our minds forever. The stylistic way Tim Burton directs both the characters and the visuals are just amazing and it goes hand in hand with his trademarked style.

There are several new and old “things” that have adapted the style of Willy Wonka since the movie came out. From bikes to candy and now also shoes. Designer Belma Arnautovic from Sarajevo has created a collection of playful and handy shoes also working as your personal candy holder.

Each pair has their own little unique candy feature and you are sure to always have a bit of candy with you on your way to wherever you are going. Each pair looking more delicious than the other. I can understand now why people have foot fetishes, but only if it’s because there is candy on top of a shoe. It certainly plays on that theme if you ask me.

Or as the designer says it : “A shoe collection branded Lolice is the graduation work of product designer Belma Arnautovic based in Sarajevo, on department for product design at the Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo. Inspired by candies and cakes, these conceptual shoes for girls are completely wearable. The idea behind the design lies in dreamland, that which is edible and reminds us of childhood.

Looking at these make me really itching for some candy and that’s not good as I am working towards a better body for a certain project coming up…