Woman Marries R2-D2 In Official Ceremony

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever written about, but I just couldn’t resist. I know that sometimes people do things just to get attention, but c’mon girl, did you have to do this?

I knew before today that @bonniegrrl was a big time geek. After all, she is a writer for Starwars.com. However, geek or not, marrying R2-D2 was just over the edge in my opinion.

Girl, I can relate. I know that many humanoid boys don’t understand a geek girl’s ways, but don’t give up hope. Turning to a droid is not the answer. However, I have to admit, in droid standards, at least you chose the best one to marry. I’ve always had a little crush on R2-D2 myself.

I guess in the end, what you wrote in this article is true, “Sometimes a girl just has to follow her heart no matter where it may lead.” I wish you and R2-D2 a lifetime of happiness, joy and Wookie roars together. You can check out the couple’s complete wedding album here. If you would like to see a video of the ceremony, you can go here.

[via laughing squid]