World Record For Most T-Shirts Worn At Once

A few weeks ago we posted an article here on bitrebels entitled “How to Fold a T-Shirt in 2 Seconds.” I thought that article was great because it offered a very entertaining 24 second video that I couldn’t stop watching over and over. In keeping with the T-Shirt theme, I’ve found another entertaining T-Shirt video for your viewing pleasure.

This video features Matt McAllister of KNIX in Phoenix, AZ setting the Guiness World Record for the most T-Shirts worn at once in 2006. At the end of this crazy video, you’ll see that he is wearing 155 T-Shirts, ranging from size small to 10XL. This whole process took 4 hours and added 100 extra pounds to Matt’s body. Awesome!

Then, in 2007, Charlie Williams, in an attempt organized by itiswhatitis Ltd at St Antony’s Catholic Primary School in Woodford Green, Essex, UK, beat Matt’s record by wearing 224 T-Shirts at once! It took three people to help him take them off once they were on. Impressive!

In case you missed the original T-Shirt article, you can link over to it here: