World’s Fastest Tetris Player Is Faster Than The Game Itself

How long ago was it that you played Tetris? You know that cube flipping game that everyone who ever played it gets absolutely obsessed with? Sometimes it feels as if Tetris has been a native application on every computer that has ever been sold. The game has of course been refined, modified and damnified more times than it’s been played, But for one player, the world’s fastest Tetris player, the game has kept its appeal and seemingly never gets old.

Japanese player  Keroco is considered the world’s fastest Tetris player, thanks to his incredible record of finishing a 40 line Tetris run in under 20 seconds. He smashed the times of previous record holders such a Jona Pearson who had earlier finished up 40 lines in roughly 25 seconds. How fast anyone can actually get at it, is hard to say. Many times it depends on how fast the actual Tetris game is.

Some Tetris games just aren’t optimized enough to break any kind of records. The line animations are simply too slow, and the player’s time is suffering heavily because of it. Lockjaw is currently the world’s fastest Tetris game, at least according to some of its players. It is customizable and doesn’t spend any time animating the different blocks. Keroco used the open-source cross-platform Tetris clone NullpoMino to set his incredible record.

The insane task of clearing out 40 lines under 20 seconds, 19.68 seconds to be exact, is mind-boggling when you think about it. That is more than 2 lines per second that need to be cleared in order to even have a chance at beating Keroco’s time. Whether someone will ever be able to break this time is of course impossible to say, but there are plenty of addicted Tetris players out there that are dedicated enough to have a go.

Maybe you want to take on the world’s fastest Tetris player? All you need to do is download one of the many Tetris games available online and start practicing. Some of these players play Tetris about 2-3 hours a day without exceptions. If you really want to break the record, you will have to perfect those skills for years. Good luck!

Keroco – World’s Fastest Tetris Player – World Record

Worlds Fastest Tetris Player

Worlds Fastest Tetris Player