World’s Greatest Birthday Adventure [Video]

Isn’t it weird how we obsess over our friends’ and loved ones’ birthdays and what to give them? We usually get them things that will most likely go pale with time or go out of style. We try to find the perfect this or the perfect that, but what is really perfect? Are we that obsessed with perfection that we miss the beauty of the flaws? I mean, what if everything was perfect? The world would be a pretty boring place, wouldn’t it? I mean that from the very most creative perspective of course. It’s in the flaws that we derive perfection, and it is in the imperfections that we find the true meaning of being unique. I think I have the perfect thing to prove that point.

Paul, a perfectly normal guy, decided that the perfect gift wasn’t an item. It wasn’t something material at all in fact, well, somewhat anyways. It was in the normality of Paul that an idea came about where he wanted to surprise Emma for her 20th birthday. The idea, purely creative of course, started out as nothing more than a notebook and some pens, but that’s not what makes this such an awesome story.

Paul, the notebook, and the pens clearly are in symbiosis with each other since what you are about to see is what I call the world’s greatest birthday adventure of all time. I know it’s hard to comprehend the scale of this before you have actually watched the video. However, once you have seen it, I have no doubt that you will share my opinion. It starts a little slow and innocent, and you don’t make much out of it, but wait, this is something way out of the ordinary. This is truly mesmerizing!

Greatest Birthday Adventure In History

Via: [Neatorama]