World’s Highest Blob Jump Will Thrill You To The Bone

Today you can break a world record in pretty much anything. It’s like there is no end to what the Guinness Book Of World Records is willing to include in their heavy lineup of weird, cool, awesome, useful and absolutely useless world records. Red Bull is a frequent organizer of the events where people attempt to break different world records while getting the Red Bull message out to the masses so we’ll run to the store to get ourselves the Red Bull energy drink. However, when we get to see these events and fully realize the scale and the thrilling nature some of them deliver, we often get into all the madness. Did you know there is something called a Blob Jump and that there is actually a world record for it?

Well, there is, and the jump itself is nothing less than… well, thrilling to be honest. Blob Jumping is an endeavor people get into with this huge bag of air. A person lies on the far end of the bag while a set of other people jump from a height onto the other end, creating a ripple effect which catapults the far end person straight up into the air. It’s an amazingly entertaining sight, but as adventurous as I am, I don’t think I want to try it with this setup of people. The height of their jump is just mind boggling, and the fact that the person being catapulted into the air doesn’t get hurt when hitting the water is astonishing.

The current world record for blob jumping height is 17 meters. That is a considerable height from which you will have to come down from. The landing doesn’t really look comfortable either if you ask me. I sure wouldn’t recommend landing a face plant coming down from this height. I bet these people are professionals of some kind, so people, don’t go and do this without professional supervision because I can imagine that there will be a few bones broken by the time you are done.

Blob Jump World Record Attempt