World’s Most Realistic Ground Battle Warfare Simulator [Video]

Have you played any games lately? Maybe even an 8-bit game from the past? If not, I totally think you should. It will inspire you as retro games seem to do that if you are a big retro fan like me. I usually get very into anything that has to do with 8-bit, and if games are progressing the way they are doing, I am sure that we’ll see some rather awesome ones in the near future. Just a couple of weeks ago I watched a program on Discovery whose only purpose was to create the ultimate live combat simulator. It sounds like one of those flight simulators I know, but this one was for soldiers, and it completely immersed the “player” into the game.

Their goal was to create an experience as close as possible to the real world, and they used Battlefield 3 as their game of choice, but they didn’t stop there. They actually built one of the illest warfare simulators ever made, and they used technologies from all around the world, even from here in Sweden. What they put together will not only immerse the player completely, but he or she will “feel” it to.

I found two clips that involve game warfare in real life. The first one, Retro Warfare, is probably one of the coolest homemade videos I have seen in a while. It’s very well done. With a bit of a budget (quite large as a matter of fact), you could actually build your own combat warfare simulator from scratch. However, you have been warned. Getting this close to reality is probably going to hurt quite a bit, so just make sure you are prepared for that. It’s an insane and awesome build! I love the technical know-how, and the way it’s all put together. It’s on a ‘spare no expense’ kind of level. Brilliant!

Modern Warfare Real Life Simulation