Is This The World’s Most Realistic Lightsaber?

Every so often we get some glimmering hope that one day humanity will actually be able to create a real lightsaber. But, every time that happens it is quickly subdued, and it is always because of the same thing, it takes too much energy. Energy (as in the amount of the sun) has been thrown around but with the right mindset anything is possible, right? Well, we can keep dreaming and just pretend that this, possibly the world’s most realistic lightsaber, is actually the real thing.

Say what? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first came across this particular clip on YouTube. It was uploaded by YouTuber Andrei Ivanoff and could possibly as said, be the world’s most realistic lightsaber. It is actually a hologram which when you grab the handle activates the lightsaber. The cool thing is that when you release the handle it deactivates, and the next time you activate it again it has a new color blade.

This is of course far from a real lightsaber, but it could possibly be the closest thing to a real one that we can currently get. It’s a shame that you can’t just pick up this realistic lightsaber and wield it around. The hologram, as always these days, is fixed and generated by mirrors. However, we can’t forget that when it comes to Star Wars, visuals are everything.

The hologram is created by using a technique called Pepper’s Ghost Technique which generates an incredible user experience unlike anything else. Again, if only this realistic lightsaber could be picked up. It would become the epicenter of cool and would most likely turn any Star Wars fan into a believer in the future. As we all know, much of today’s advanced technology comes from science fiction movies such as Star Wars. Let’s see if the next incarnation of this realistic lightsaber is even more immersive. This could absolutely be the world’s most realistic lightsaber, what do you think?

World’s Most Realistic Lightsaber Hologram?

Worlds Most Realistic Lightsaber

Worlds Most Realistic Lightsaber

Worlds Most Realistic Lightsaber