WTH: Welcome To The Fake Nail Olympics

I tried to keep a straight face when I was reading about this on Daily Mail, but then I got to the sentence that read, “This is one of the most important competitions in the world,” and I couldn’t help but start laughing.

It’s true, apparently there is an event called Nailympics, and it’s been held in the UK every year for the past six years. Nailympics 2010 just took place last week, and the manicurists that entered were as serious as ever. Teams from 24 countries competed in the different categories of nail art. One of the competitors even had electric lights attached to her nails.

According to one of the judges, “It may look ridiculous, but no more so than some of the clothes you would see at a high fashion show in Paris. It displays a mastery of the nail technician’s craft.” I guess from that perspective, I can understand why this is such a serious competition for a lot of people!

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