X-Men Characters As Disney Cartoons

Is it just me or is everything seemingly disneyfiable? It sometimes comes as a surprise when we see new and fresh mashups between Disney and lord knows what. The weird thing is that it actually still does surprise us. No matter what it is, we always raise our eyebrows when we see that something has been run through the legendary Disney filter. Maybe it is because Disney has been captivating us for as long as most of us can remember. Even when our televisions were just showing black and white, we were glued to the screen watching Disney. Well, not me personally, but the people who were kids back in that time of the world. Call it what you will, but to me it’s all called retro.

When I stumbled over a title on an image that mentioned X-Men and Disney in the same sentence, I just had to see what it was. I mean, X-Men is one of those heavily successful movie series that we see gracing the silver screen every so often. The franchise might not be as big as the Avengers (then again, what franchise is, right?), but it certainly has some pull when its movie posters start popping up around our cities.

Talented deviantART user Matthew Humphreys has a skill that most people would give their right hand for. That skill is the ability to draw things that never were Disney into things that could have came out of the legendary studio. This is an amazing skillfully drawn poster featuring X-Men characters as Disney cartoons. It is just as weirdly awesome as it sounds, and I just had to slip it in as awesomesauce in today’s batch of articles. How can you not love things like this, especially when they are based on two franchises that geeks just can’t stay away from?

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Via: [Nerd Approved]