Order Of X Graphic Art: The X-Men Reimagined In Medieval Times

Imagine a world where Charles Xavier’s X-Men (and his Institute for Higher Learning) were no longer located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Westchester County, NY, but instead, existed in medieval times. Thanks to artist Nathan Hallinan, you can. Hallinan’s latest batch of graphic art is a series called The Order of X. The concept takes some of the characters from Marvel’s mutant superhero team The X-Men, and reimagines them as medieval beings. It’s the X-Men reimagined in a different time.

As of now, he has completed Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Colossus, Beast, Storm, and Nightcrawler. He has written short histories to accompany each character as well. And needless to say, the finished pieces are completely amazing. For those unfamiliar with the background of X-Men, they are a group of mutants (humans that are born with the X gene, giving them unnatural abilities) whom were taken into care to be taught by a fellow mutant by the name of Charles Xavier.

Xavier’s vision is that one day, mutants and humans can live in harmony. He initially assembles a group of mutants, composed of Cyclops (Scott Summers), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy), Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Angel (Warren Worthington III) to help bring peace and balance between humans and mutants.

These attempts to bring peace are met with heavy resistance from humans, partially due to the actions of mutants who believe they are superior to normal humans, such as the infamous Magneto. This motif of the struggle to bring peace paves a perfect equivalence to the hostility that humans had for those they deemed abnormal during the medieval period.

Nate Hallinan is a concept artist who lives in California. He received his degree in Game Art and Design from The Art Institute of Portland and has been working in his field since 2007. Previously, Nate has done work for Microsoft, Supergenius Studio and Psyop TV. Below are a few sample images from the series. If you would like to see the rest, head over to Nate Hallinan. You can also check out the rest of The Order of X and his other projects, or order prints of The X-Men reimagined if you would like to own some of these great pieces of art for yourself.

Order Of X – The X-Men Reimagined In Medieval Times

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Professor Charles Xavier / Lord Xavier


Cyclops / Scott Summers

Nightcrawler / Kyrt V’wagnyr

Via: [www.NateHallinan.com]