Are You Meeting The Needs Of Your Better Half?

One reason why a lot of relationships are not as happy as both parties had expected is that most people go into relationships, focusing more on what they will get from it and when they are not getting those things, the relationship will begin to collapse. Well, everyone has a dream and there is absolutely nothing wrong with going into a relationship with certain dreams. However, this should also be balanced with what you will give.

This is peculiar among women – I want a man who will take me out often, he has to support me always, he will give me a shoulder to cry on, he should be tall, he should have 6 packs, and he should. Wo wo wo! The man you are talking about also has his own dreams and needs too! Have you thought of that?

When your partner sees the efforts you are making to meet his needs, he will always strive to reciprocate the gesture. It works better to focus more on what you intend to give your partner. So, before complaining about your better half not meeting your needs, have you been meeting his/her needs too?

Here are a few useful tips on how to meet the need of your partner.

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Find Out About His Obsession

Every man has a secret obsession and it is necessary for you to align yourself to this obsession to strengthen the bond between both of you. Does it sound strange to you? You can find out more about the topic in a book titled His Secret Obsession. Before then, here is an example to shed more light on the topic. Many men are obsessed with soccer (football) and their non-football loving partners have issues with this.

Instead of competing with football in his life, align yourself to it. Try to love football and also support his favorite team. Offer to accompany to go and watch any of his favorite football matches. You will not only strengthen the bond, but he will also love your hobby, pastime, or your favorite game too. In other words, gain access into his mind through his obsession with football instead of quarreling with him over it. It is about giving him recreational companionship.

Sexual Satisfaction

Men love sex and think of it a lot. It is natural. You need to meet his needs in this area too. It is good when you always respond positively to his sexual advances, but it is great when you initiate it. To put this in the simplest form, men love women who are decent in public, but a sex machine in the bedroom. Work towards that.

Stay Attractive

While beauty may not be the only reason he got attracted to you, it is certainly one of them. So, maintain the beauty so that you will continue to dazzle him. It is part of men’s needs to have a beautiful and gorgeous woman as a partner. Remain beautiful. Nothing stops you from dressing gorgeously just to remain indoors with him just like you will dress up whenever you are going out.

Commend him

It is not only women that love compliments. Men love it too. Make it a habit to commend anything that is commendable about him. This is part of his needs too.

The whole idea is to get what you want from your partner by giving it to him first. Not by nagging it out of him. Continuously meet his needs and he’ll naturally want to meet yours. And here is a little secret takeaway. The more you meet his needs, the more you become indispensable to him. So, you will be the ultimate beneficiary in the long run – Shhhh! It’s a secret (in a whisper…)

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