You’ve Never Seen A Sand Castle Like This!

Once again, I would like to present you with an incredibly talented artist, for your inspiration:

When Sudarsan Patnaik was a young boy living in Orissa (east coast of India), he started going to the beach every day after school. He started learning his craft then, slowly learning the art of sand sculpture. He would stay at the beach sculpting for about six hours each day. As an adult, many times people will ask him what spawned his creativity when he was a child. His always the same thing, that he was inspired by the voice of his inner soul.

His works are mostly based on current world issues, ranging from climate change to world peace. Now wealthy and famous as a result of his talent, having won dozens of International awards, he is now using his talent to reach for another dream, to set up the world’s first sand sculpture park. His ultimate objective is to create awareness and enthusiasm among people and make it a popular professional art form.

According to, he even wrote a letter to Barack Obama requesting that “Mr. Obama donate a piece of land near to the sea beach in America to create a sand sculpture park. Before that, the renowned sand artist had sent request letters to governments of Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala and Goa.”

We will be watching Mr. Patnaik’s progress as he continues to amaze everyone with his god-given talent and determination.

Enjoy his artwork below, courtesy of