18 Astonishing Star Wars Sand Sculptures

The summer is getting ever closer, and if it’s not already here at least it’s not too far away judging from the temperature outside. Soon enough we can all hit the beach (if you haven’t already) and take a dip in the ocean to cool off. There’s also things you can do at the beach that will help you get that tan you’re looking for. You can play volleyball, softball, throw a Frisbee or even build a sand castle.

There are some people that take the building of a sand castle way more seriously than the average Joe does. They have mastered the skill of making the sand harden, and with that comes elaborate and amazing designs that you can only dream of being able to create at the beach.

Some Star Wars enthusiasts decided to throw an honoring day at the beach to create some of the most amazing Star Wars sand sculptures you have ever seen. Much like with ice sculpturing, there are certain tricks you can use to keep the sand from crumbling down into one single pile of dust. Some use hairspray while others use glue that they mix with the sand before they start building. Either way, it creates some seriously cool stuff that you wouldn’t dream of being created out of sand.

So next time you hit the beach, make sure you bring a few cans of hairspray. Build something rad, and you certainly will get some attention from the crowd that will most likely gather around you. Just make sure you find a big enough strip of sand in the middle of the beach, and you will be all set.