Zombie Map: Now You Know Where They Are From [Data Map]

Many people keep asking themselves what they would do if the dead suddenly started rising. Alright, maybe not many people, but a few of you people out there actually do, and it is by all means a valid question worth digging deeper into. To answer it, I think we first need to know if this “phenomenon” is actually plausible. Are the dead really able to rise again? What would that mean for the rest of us living people? When a medical professor was asked to researched the matter, he came to the following conclusion. There are substances out there that put a living person in a zombie state. That means the vital signs would be too minimal to register without any kind of advanced medical instruments. This is; however, not the true state of a zombie as we all know it.

He also reported that it is physically possible that a virus could come along that reanimated a dead person’s most critical organs in order for him or her to walk around. The person would then be mindless and without consciousness. A virus like this has never been seen or found and is highly unlikely ever to be present on our planet. So for all of you people who are hoping to one day see at least one zombie, I am sorry to disappoint you, but that will most likely never happen.

So what is this article really about? Of course it’s about zombies; however, from a different kind of perspective. If you have a look at this data map, you can actually derive the highest concentration of the word zombie by location in the world. These references make up a really interesting product using Google Maps and could possibly one day, if it ever happens, help us flee to the places where there are no words referenced to the zombie outbreak. So there is your survival plan I guess, and now you don’t have to think about that anymore, right? (Data Map was produced and created by Oxford University’s Internet Institute and the guys behind the fantastic dataviz site, Floating sheep: Mark Graham, Taylor Shelton, Matthew Zook and Monica Stephens)

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Zombie Concentration Data Map Graphic