10 Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass For Your Lawn

When compared to natural grass, synthetic grass benefits you and your lawn in a multitude of ways. In addition to not requiring water, it also eliminates the need for mowing, constant care and upkeep. This is the reason many homeowners are switching to artificial grass to jazz up their lawns. Oftentimes, the initial costs of artificial grass make homeowners hesitant about the purchase.

But what they fail to grasp is, its benefits surpass its costs because in the long run, it can save your precious bucks. Since you won’t have to purchase fertilizers or lawn tools to keep it fresh and healthy. If you also want to upgrade your home with the best artificial grass, visit here. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits of using artificial grass for your lawn.

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1. Low Maintenance

The minimal maintenance of artificial grass is its key selling point. It doesn’t require mowing, removal of weeds, fertilizing, or even watering. Thus, relieving you of the most tiring lawn maintenance chores.

However, that doesn’t mean it requires zero maintenance and can be forgotten once installed. You’ll need to give it a good rinse once a month to rid of any settled dust and debris. As for clearing out fallen leaves and twigs, you can use a blower or a broom.

2. Free Of Pests And Weeds

The biggest nuisance with natural grass is dealing with weeds and pests. Regardless of how many products and solutions you use, they often creep up in your lawn. Not to forget the time and money it takes to clear out the weeds and pests.

Only if you have sufficient time in your hands, you’ll likely spend an entire day eliminating weeds and pests from your lawn. And for the rest of the lot, artificial grass is the only practical solution. Artificial grass is weed-proof, hence, it doesn’t attract pests. Ensuring you one less problem to deal with.

4. Safe For Children And Pets

If you have children and/or pets, I recommend you to stay away from natural grass. Natural grass contains fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals – it isn’t safe for children and pets. Artificial grass is a safer alternative since it doesn’t require any chemicals. Thus, ensuring your children and pets are safe from toxic materials and bacterias.

In addition to that, artificial grass doesn’t bring mud and grass stains inside your house when kids are done playing. Now you can’t prevent children and pets from going outdoors, so why not make the outdoors safe and mess-free with artificial grass?

5. Eliminates Puddles And Mud

With natural grass, a lawn accumulates puddles and mud after watering. This becomes a nuisance when your pets or children bring mud inside the house. In the worst-case scenario, your lawn starts to flood during heavy rains. All of this affects the health and appearance of your lawn.

Artificial grass doesn’t need water so that eliminates the chances of mud accumulation. If the ground is smoothed out before installing the grass and draining channels are installed to drain excess water, flooding and puddling won’t be a problem either.

6. Drought Resistant

If you live in a drought-stricken place, that also has a water shortage, or fines for excessive water usage, switch to artificial grass now! Watering fake grass is required occasionally to clear the build-up of dust and other residues. Otherwise, it doesn’t need regular cleaning and is perfect for areas which get minimum or no rains. Apart from that, it’ll help you avoid being charged with penalties over excessive water usage.

7. Prevents Air And Ground Pollution

Do you know that gas-powered lawn mowers produce 11 times more pollution than a car? Homeowners mowing their lawns every weekend are unknowingly contributing to the climate catastrophe we’re facing currently. Moreover, the chemicals used to maintain the grass lawn pollute the ground further. Apart from that, they pose a health risk to anyone who comes in contact with the grass.

Once again, artificial grass to the rescue, as it doesn’t require any fertilizers or machines to stay healthy and green. However, if you use a blower to get rid of organic materials, know that it also contributes to pollution. To stay completely green, use a bristle broom instead.

8. Conserves Water

Water scarcity is no joke and if reports are to be believed, two-thirds of the world population will suffer from water shortage by 2025. Which isn’t that far. Consequently, we must all try to save and use water consciously.

So, if you’re trying to be more sustainable, fake grass is the ideal solution for you. Since it doesn’t require any water except for occasional rinse. Not only does artificial grass conserve water, but it’ll also reduce your monthly water bill and dodge any water restriction fines.

8. Longer Life Expectancy

Due to lack of nutrients, natural grass slowly dies off. And you’ll need to replace it, which can happen quite often. Sometimes excessive or little sun, and over or underwatering may also cause it to die. Thus, its life expectancy is relatively shorter than artificial grass.

Since fake grass doesn’t crave for constant care and attention, they have a longer lifespan. You can even forget about artificial grass right after it’s installed. What’s even greater is that it withstands a prolonged period of neglect. Making them a durable alternative for a greener lawn.

9. Always Looks Fresh And Green

Giving grass a fresh cut isn’t the most annoying thing, not being able to control its bald spots is. Natural grass isn’t as resilient to foot traffic, vehicles, and other pressures. With time it develops bare spots and ruts on its surface. Not to forget the unappealing brown patches it forms due to fungus and other diseases.

Artificial grass on the other hand is resilient to any kind of pressure. Regardless of how much weight is exerted on it, its synthetic shoots bounce back. And since it isn’t susceptible to any disease and fungus, you won’t have to worry about brown patches.

10. Easy On The Wallet

Given its life expectancy and the elimination of additional costs, artificial grass is a cost-effective alternative for a greener lawn. Its initial costs are slightly on the expensive side, but in the long run, it’s an investment that makes your house look pretty while increasing its value.

Since it doesn’t require any chemicals or specialized tools, it’s relatively easier on your wallet. Whereas, with natural grass, you’ll spend more in the long run as it requires constant care and maintenance.

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