10 Cleaning Tips To Keep Your House Clean To Perfection

As a homeowner, you should definitely take pride in your possessions. This means going above and beyond to keep your home clean and tidy. Most people are familiar with the basic necessities, such as sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets, and mowing the lawn. Nevertheless, there are some maintenance and housekeeping necessities that are frequently overlooked. This is definitely the case when it comes to ducts, vents, appliances, and other items in your home. Below, you will find 10 cleaning tips for keeping your home cleaned to perfection.

1. Steaming Cleaning Is Important

Most homeowners take the time to vacuum their carpets every day. While this will ultimately help, it is simply not enough. In fact, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure your carpets get steam cleaned on a regular basis. Your vacuum cleaner simply isn’t strong enough to reach the dirt and debris that has sunk deep into the carpet’s fabric. Steam cleaning will be able to do just that, while simultaneously cleaning the fabric itself. In return, this carpet will look like new and it will smell fresh once again! Steam cleaning should be carried out at least once or twice a year, if not more. Be sure to use a professional company like Pure Airways to get this done.

2. HVAC Filter Changes

While you’re at it, you should remember your HVAC system’s filter. The filter is responsible for cleaning the air before it is allowed to enter your home. Failing to change the filter regularly could cause your home’s air quality to decrease. Ignore the filter for too long and you’ll wind up suffering from severe allergy problems, such as itchy eyes and a runny nose. Check your filter regularly and make sure it is changed when absolutely necessary.

3. Sealing Garage Floors

If you have a garage that is attached to the home, you probably use it excessively. Every time you bring in groceries, or leave the home you probably exit and enter through this garage area. Well, if the garage floor is just plain cement you would be surprised to learn just how much dust this attracts. Every time you enter this area and travel into the home you are tracking all that dust into your home. One great way to avoid this is to seal the garage floor. You can visit any hardware store and purchase an epoxy type paint that is simply just applied to the floor. Not only does this add a protective layer to the garage floor, but it also prevents the build up of dust.

4. Choosing An Excellent Doormat

There are a lot of ways that dirt can enter the home. For instance, it can enter through the doors and windows. However, the most significant amount or dirt enters the home on the bottom of your soles. So, using the correct doormat at every entrance is going to go a long way in preventing dirt build up inside the home. In order for a mat to be effective, it needs to be longer that an average person’s stride. The ideal is to have the mat long enough so that a person actually has to walk across it with both feet before entering the home. When people enter the home the dirt is shifted off their shoes and onto the mat. Also, make sure that the matt is no wider than the door itself with a versatile backing.

Vinyl or rubber backings are always your best option because you will be able to either shake out the mat or vacuum it out with ease.

5. Brushing Pets Outdoors

If you have a dog that is constantly indoors, you probably think of him or her like a part of the family. When the dog comes in everyone wants to pet and play with the dog. There is nothing wrong with this, but the rubbing, running, and playing will create a mess of dog hair everywhere. This is especially true with breeds of dogs that are notoriously bad for shedding. One great way to avoid this if to take a lint brush or any kind of brush and wipe your dog down before bringing it indoors. If you have a dog that is always indoors, make sure you take it outside and brush it down once or twice a day.

6. Make Your Bed First Thing

When you wake up in the morning it can be really hard to be motivated to do anything. You are probably feeling all groggy and tired from just waking up. However, if you take that first step to simply make the bed, you will be surprised at how much more motivated this will make you. Seeing that nicely, neat make bed will inspire you and make you feel like you accomplished something. Plus, if the rest of the room is dirty it will make that area stand out and make you want to clean it.

7. Don’t Let Dishes Build Up

One thing that people constantly do is, they pile and pile dishes in the sink until the sink is completely full. Not only does this make your house look unkempt, but also bacteria can build up on the nasty dishes and causes health problems throughout the home. Make sure that you are always washing and putting the dishes away after every meal. This will even make the job easier because looking a sink full of dirty dishes is never fun.

8. Place Cleaning Supplies Strategically Throughout The Home

Don’t just store all of your cleaning supplies in one spot. Instead, you can have a small arsenal of cleaning supplies in just about every room that needs them. For instance, store some under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and n the garage.

9. No Shoe Zone

There might be certain parts of the home where you don’t have doormats or runners. Make sure that you declare these areas shoe-free zones. This will greatly help reduce the dirt build up in that area.

10. Place Rugs And Runners In High Traffic Areas

Placing simple decorative rugs and runners in high traffic areas throughout the home can go a long way to stopping dirt. If you have wall-to-wall carpet it can also save you a massive amount of carpet cleaning supplies and time.

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