10 Places To Visit Before They Vanish Off The Earth [Infographic]

Everything in life is in a constant state of change, and that includes our planet. The landscape of the earth looks very different now compared to what it looked like thousands of years ago. As a result of climate change and other factors, it continues to change a tiny bit each day. There are some places in the world that are expected to vanish off the earth within the next few decades. If you are planning a vacation, these might be good places to visit before they are gone.

This infographic called 10 Places To See Before They’re Gone by Trip Insurance lists 10 travel destinations that won’t be around forever. Each one of them would make for an amazing vacation spot. As you work your way down this infographic, you’ll see the places that have the shortest lifespans.

I was surprised to learn that Venice is only expected to exist for about 70 more years. Venice is sinking at a rapid pace. The Alps, Madagascar, Glacier National Park and others are also endangered species of our planet so to speak. Madagascar is only expected to last about 35 more years because of forest ecosystems being destroyed by logging, burning and poaching. This is significant since more than 80% of Madagascar’s plant and animal life can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

All of the destinations on this list would be incredible places to visit before they’re gone. It’s crazy to me that our great grandchildren will learn about some of these places by reading about them in a history book. By the time they are born, most of them won’t exist anymore. I hope you have a chance to check out these places to visit before they are gone for good.

Places To Visit Before They Vanish Off The Earth…

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