5 Steps To Preserve Our Diverse Terrains On World Environment Day

This World Environment Day, take out some time to assess the damage that humankind has caused to the ecosystems that surround us. It is still not too late to reverse this damage, and some simple measures can go a long way in improving the conditions of the diverse terrains that occupy our planet. Thanks to the illustrators over at Desert Marrakech, here are some ways in which you, as an individual, can make a positive impact on the health of the various terrains that are essential to our existence.

Cities – The urban areas constantly suffer at the hands of air pollution and the rising mounds of waste. As a responsible citizen, you can play your role in protecting the cities by disposing of your household waste in the proper manner. Say no to littering, to ensure a cleaner and less polluted urban landscape. Use of public transport or carpooling is an effective way to keep the air pollution in check.

Deserts – The deserts of the planet are the driest landscapes, and the situation has worsened over time due to oil and gas drilling, global warming, and overgrazing. If you reside in a desert terrain then the judicious use of water is of utmost importance. Make sure to turn off the taps while brushing and have shorter showers. To improve the soil health, plant leguminous crops that help with restoring the essential nutrients to the soil.

Grasslands – The grasslands are some of the most glorious landscapes of planet Earth. However, invasive plants, overgrazing, and prescribed fires have led to the destruction of these ecosystems as well. You can play a role in the preservation of the grasslands by encouraging the local farmers to undertake rotational grazing. Planting of indigenous flora is yet another way to increase the population of the endangered species of plants.

Islands – Islands are spectacular kingdoms that are home to unique species of flora and fauna, which are threatened by uncontrolled human intervention. Commercial development and agricultural expansion have wreaked havoc on these beautiful specks of land and have tarnished their natural splendor. Stop this damage now by never leaving fishing lines and nets unattended in the water or on the beach. If you go scuba diving, do not touch the coral reefs that are crucial to maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystems.

Mountains – Even the mighty peaks have not been spared and have begun to show signs of degradation due to disturbances caused by farming, hydroelectric projects, and air pollution. One way to conserve our mountains is to switch to rail travel instead of air travel, whenever possible. You can also reduce the energy requirements by using eco-friendly bulbs and by switching off the lights whenever you leave a room.

Rainforests – Deforestation is one of the major reasons behind the destruction of the rainforests around the globe. Other causes include overpopulation, cattle ranching, and palm oil plantations. Controlling the usage of paper is the need of the hour. Try to go paperless and avoid printing as much as possible. Switch to items made using recycled paper and only buy the wood and products from sustainably managed forests.

[pullquote]These small steps can create a huge impact on the terrains of the planet and can help restore their former glory.[/pullquote] Go through these enlightening infographics to find out more ways in which you can contribute to the sustenance of the environment. Pledge to adopt a few of these eco-friendly practices on this World Environment Day, to give back to the planet to which we owe our lives.

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