10 Reasons Why Interior Designers Should Present Their Projects In 3D

When it comes to pitching a new design project, anything can go wrong. With so many different ways to make a presentation, things can quickly turn from simple to complex. Interior designers face challenges at every turn, struggling to get the images they create into a format that non-designers and professionals in the field can fully understand.

However, many of those challenges can be overcome with the use of some of the more modern and up-to-date interior design techniques when you switch to using 3D design. Here are some of the benefits of presenting your projects in 3D.

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1. A More Complete Image

3D presentations give the client a clearer and more complete representation of all the different aspects of a project. Clients will be better able to see at a glance how everything works together giving them a seamless image of a finished product. Using 3D rendering takes something that is mostly abstract and puts it into a more concrete image that a non-designer will be able to see at a glance.

2. 3Ds Are More Precise

When using 3D design with Google Earth, technical drawings, and CAD data you can be sure that your images will be far more accurate. Interior designers will have more versatility when it comes to blending their ideas with real imagery of the environment. Blending them with photos of actual locations can make the design more visually attractive and appealing to the client.

3. A View From Every Angle

One of the biggest advantages of projects in 3D is the many different angles you can analyze the design from. With a 360-degree view that can be both static and panoramic, interior designers can simply present their project in a way that allows clients to see a completed model from every possible angle. They will be able to move from one room to the next and get a pretty accurate idea of how everything could work together. Problems can be identified early, which can save time and money, making the project more cost effective.

4. It’s Easier To Comply With Legal Regulations

Most clients are not familiar with the specific legalities surrounding their project. However, it is a major issue for architects and engineers. As a result, complications often arise within the team. With 3D design, an designer can help to ensure and give visual proof that regulations are being followed. This can ensure that all those concerned with a project are comfortable with the design before the work begins.

5. Gives You A More Competitive Edge

3D designs are an easy way to impress new clients. Taking advantage of this type of modern technology could put your interior designing business at the head of the pack. Not only can you present your ideas in a more visually appealing manner, but you can drastically cut the overall costs for the client by identifying problems ahead of time thus eliminating many of the hassles that can quickly eat up much of a client’s budget.

6. Helps A Team To Work Together More Cohesively

A 3D design helps everyone on the team to get the full concept of the project. There are fewer questions about what is expected so architects, interior designers, woodworkers, electrician and others can immediately see what their role is and understand exactly what is needed. Even investors who may not have the technical skills can see at a glance all the details of a given project. This allows them to make suggestions, ask questions, and fix potential problems early, which can give them more confidence in their investment decisions.

7. Easier To Get Approval

Clients rarely have the technical knowledge or understanding to see how 2D designs come together. However, a 3D design is easier to be understood which can get your plans approved much faster. Even someone with a lack of detailed knowledge will be able to see how everything will look and can quickly suggest changes that can be integrated into the final design, making it possible to get projects approved much faster and eliminate the need for extensive explanations.

8. You Can Show More Options

When designs are presented, there are usually several different possible options that can be considered, each one showing a different concept. These can cover a wide range of choices that are not always clear to non-skilled people. Using a 3D model, an interior designer can easily show clients or their project managers these in a very visual way illustrating to them how a project could change during each phase of an operation, helping the client to make a more informed decision.

9. Realistic Presentations In Seconds

Nowadays, 3D technology can also be incorporated with an element of virtual reality (VR), which can give all parties involved the best way to see designs in a more realistic setting. Using a VR headset allows them to physically walk through a space (room-by-room) and actually experience the effects of a completed project. Giving them the same type of perspective in 2D is not possible. Clients get the experience of a completed project before it even starts, which means there is still time for changes to be made to address even the smallest detail before the work begins.

10 Boosts Your Reputation

3D imagery is a great way to showcase your interior design no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. Clients are usually impressed with such level of presentation and are more likely to communicate their sense of satisfaction boosting your reputation right along with it. You’ll be seen as a true professional because of your high-quality presentation that only 3D designs can provide.

Everywhere people are recognizing the professionals who use 3D designs to showcase their projects. The more you take advantage of the many benefits available through the use of this new and amazing technology, the better your chances to improve your business efforts. Using 3D design to replace the traditional 2D is the best way to expand your interior design business.

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