10 Strange Facts You Never Knew About Your Dreams

Everyone dreams, and that is just a fact of life. Most of us don’t really give it a second thought. We wake up and don’t realize we just had a full night of 4-7 dreams on average. There are so few of us who remember our dreams, or who even know some of the simplest facts about dreaming.

You might have not ever given your dreams much thought, but watching this video could still open your eyes to some cool facts. I know when I watched it; most of the ten were things I had never even thought of before. Dreaming is one of those things in life that we just expect to occur, and we don’t really give it much thought. After you’ve watched this video though, you might pay a bit more attention to some of the strange things we do while we sleep. We tend to forget about our dreams and don’t realize how important they are to our everyday lives and how we function.

We dream almost as much as we eat, yet we can’t remember even 10% of our dreams most of the time. Dreaming is still one of those mysteries in life that gets studied year after year so we can learn more about it. Scientists are still trying to figure out what makes us dream, the significance of dreams, and whether or not dreams can really help us in our lives. It is interesting to me that as far as technology has advanced in the past few years, dreams are still so mysterious.


Image Credit: [deviantART / kayjensen]