10 Simple Tips To Make Moving House Easier

Moving is one of the most thrilling but daunting tasks to complete. Trying to simplify all your possessions into a couple neat boxes is incredibly difficult and stressful, especially under a deadline.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to make your move easier and less stressful. Read on for 10 ways to simplify the process of moving.

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1. Plan, Plan, And Plan!

As soon as you decide to move, it’s time to bust out the calendar and create a plan for moving out and a plan for moving in. Brainstorm everything that needs to get done, then put it in an appropriate order, and then attach dates. Set yourself deadlines for packing certain rooms and make sure the moving vans are scheduled properly, etc. This step will give you more control and set you up for an organized, efficient move.

2. Purge Everything

Once your plan is done, it’s time to begin preparing. The first step to moving is to begin getting rid of all the useless stuff you’ve accumulated over the years that are taking up too much space. Spend a couple hours on each room, thoroughly purging items you no longer need. These items can go to the landfill or you could schedule a donation truck to come. The less stuff you have to pack, the better, so embrace the opportunity to really take stock of what you own.

3. Use Self-Storage

Self-storage is incredibly useful for someone moving house. For one, self-storage can help break the packing into stages. This is helpful if the move-out date and the move-in date aren’t the same days. You can move out the less useful items and leave them in self storage for weeks while you tackle the rest of the house.

4. Free Moving Boxes

The Internet is full of many wonders, and Craigslist is one of them! There are plenty of people trying to get rid of moving boxes, and you need the boxes. You can also scout your local grocery stores for old boxes, and keep your eyes peeled for yard sales.

5. Color-Coding Is Your Friend

Sometimes, labels get rubbed off or boxes are positioned where you can’t read the labels. This can add an extra layer of annoyance and stress to your move. Try using color-coding to simplify the labeling process, and make sure to add colored labels to every side of each box so it will always be visible.

6. Try Vacuum Packing

You’ve already established that moving trucks are expensive, but the price varies based on the number of items you move and the space they take up. Vacuum packing can help you compress those bulky items like duvets, comforters, blankets, and towels- even clothes! – so you can reduce the volume of stuff you have to move.

7. Keep Electronics Together

A great tip to prevent that hairball that is the “cord bag”, try duct taping all cords to the relevant devices. Keep your printer cords with the printer; keep all your T.V cords with the T.V and computer chargers with the computers. This will help you keep track and make sure you don’t lose any cords.

8. Hire A Cleaner

Especially if you’re moving out of a rental property, you might be expected to clean the house and prepare it for the next owners. This is tiring and an extra thing to do when you’re already trying to move your entire life! Try hiring a professional cleaner to help you clean up the house. Four hands are better than two.

9. Pack Seasonal Items First

Seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations and heavy coats, should be packed first as this takes some of the pressure off.

10 Essentials Go Last

Before moving day, make sure to pack an “essentials bag” that has comfortable clothes, basic hygiene products and whatever you’ll need for moving day and the next few days after that. That way, you can focus on moving furniture and packing up without worrying about packing up something vital.

With these tips, your move will go smoothly. Good luck!

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