Bubble Wrap Calendar For The Incurably Stressed

We are closing in on wrapping up 2012, and most of us are looking forward to a fresh new year which we can fill with awesome and epic memories. In order to keep everything organized in the new year, we all need a calendar, right? I don’t know how many times I have started my work day without knowing what date it is. Does that mean I have too much to do, or I’m having too much fun at work? The reason for it could be anything really. However, having a good calendar on which you can just check off your days as they pass by is never a bad idea. As some of you might remember (very few of you I imagine), I wrote about this particular thing 2 years ago. But, it’s a new year, and we need to make sure we have the geekiest stuff right in front of us, and that’s why I am bringing you to the bubble wrap calendar.

For people who are constantly stressed, this bubble wrap calendar is the perfect solution. You will have something to look forward to and something to help release stress at the same time. This is the 2013 edition, and what could be better than starting off the new year with a whole 365 days worth of bubble wrap pops to look forward to, right?

This calendar is now made available by Amazon for the geeky price of $29.95. If this bubble wrap calendar isn’t the geekiest office accessory this year, I honestly don’t know what is. The question is though, will we all be able to keep our hands off this calendar and not pop any other day than the one that we’re actually supposed to pop? I mean, Diana recently wrote about the bus station bubble wrap sheets and how they helped commuters relieve stress while they were waiting for the bus. Maybe a bubble wrap rampage is looming with this bubble wrap calendar, I don’t know.

This could make the trip to the office a whole lot more fun. Why? Because when you get there, you will get to pop one more bubble wrap thingie before you start working. I can’t help but smile to myself when thinking about that single pop each morning, and how your co-workers are going to keep wondering for a whole year what the heck is going on every morning when you get into your cubicle or office.

2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar

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