10 Top Trends For 2013 In 2 Minutes [Video]

I remember at the end of 2011 when everyone was talking about the up-and-coming trends for 2012, and increased mobile technology and mobile use was at the top of almost every list. Now that we are quickly approaching the end of 2012, we know that prediction was spot on. It seems like we’ve written dozens of articles this year about how mobile use, mobile apps and mobile technology in general are enhancing our lives more and more each day. Another area of focus in 2012 was optimization. Everyone wanted to learn how to tweak their day-to-day tasks to be as efficient and optimized as possible. What will be the new trends for 2013? Will the people bold enough to make these kinds of predictions be correct?

In 2013, it seems like the topic of health and how good health and bad stress relates to our overall happiness will take center stage. Also, as expected, technology will still be a major focus in our lives as technology continues to be embedded into almost everything from our clothes to our cars and everything in between. Our smartphones are an extension of who we are right now, but one of the trends in 2013 will be that they’ll become our identities meaning they will be as personal and identifying as our own fingerprints (which means smartphone security will be more important than ever).

Since most of us have lived our lives online in 2012, another one of the trends for 2013 will be finding ways to get some private time, which is becoming synonymous with unplugging. You can learn about these trends for 2013 and many more by watching the 8th annual forecast of trends video below by JWTIntelligence. You can purchase their 171-page corresponding report by clicking over to their site. Also, while you are there, check out their methodology for retrieving all the data they used to come up with this information. It’s fascinating how they go about putting this together each year.

Lifestyle Trends For 2013


Via: [Michael Litman] Header Image Credit: [New Year Wallpapers]