11 Steps To Building A Custom Swimming Pool In South Florida

A custom swimming pool can be a dream come true for most South Florida residents. For many, this is an opportunity to create the pool they’ve always wanted, from the shape and size to different features and options that best fit their lifestyle. Even though pool builders, like Floridian, work hard to help you realize your dreams, you must be involved in the process. Here are the 13 steps you’ll work through to build your custom pool.

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1. Drafting And Foundation

Once you’ve agreed to work with us, we’ll discuss your plans for a custom pool and draft some designs. It will take some time to get the designs prepared, and we can make adjustments if needed to get the pool you want.

Once the drafting stage is complete, we’ll begin to break ground for your pool. Once the hole is the correct size and depth (which will be larger than your finished pool), we’ll line the hole with a steel rebar to provide a strong foundation.

2. Local Inspections

Once the groundwork is laid, it’s time for the first of many inspections. There are several hours of inspections throughout the project. This first inspection will go over pool plans, check out the job site, and make sure that everything is right with the project.

3. Shell/Step Installation

After the initial inspection is passed, we start working on the concrete layers. Here, we’ll install the shell and steps, as well as any other fountains, swim-outs, or other areas you’ve decided to include. Rough plumbing work starts at this point, too.

4. Backfill

Some South Florida locations require more surveys at this point, especially when it comes to elevation and drainage. If these apply to you, we’ll make sure to add those events to our timeline. Regardless, backfilling to strengthen your pool happens during this phase.

5. Plumbing And Electrical Installation

At this point, we’ll start laying plumbing down and installing electrical equipment. We’ll install all the pipes, lighting, and wiring you need to get started, as well as install your pool pump, heaters, filter, and other circulation equipment. There is a required inspection after plumbing is laid and after electrical installation.

6. Patio, Tile, And Deck

When it comes to the other structures around your pool, we start here. The patio area needs to be leveled out and a foundation laid. This has to happen before any other tile or deck is installed. Once that’s finished, it’s time to finish the waterline tile, deck, and planters. You can choose which pavers you choose for your patio at this point, too. Overall, this step fixes up the areas surrounding your pool.

7. Homeowner Tasks

During the initial drafting and contract phase, certain tasks were assigned to the homeowner. These tasks may include installing alarms, sprinkler systems, or fencing. Sodding and landscaping are part of these tasks, too. This is where those steps need to be completed to finish the pool.

8. Plaster And Fill

Finally, the finish line is in sight. Here, the concrete surfaces are prepared, plastered, and a finish is applied so water can be added. Water should only be added to about halfway up the tile line on the side of your pool.

9. Last Inspection

Once the pool is complete, we’ll clean up the area and prepare for the final pool inspection.

10. Pool Water Balancing

After your pool is filled, it’s time to start the circulation equipment and balance out your water. The finishing crew takes these steps for you, but it may be a day or two before you can use your pool. Make sure you check with the crew to see when you can safely use your new pool.

11. New Pool Owner Orientation

You’re almost done! Once your pool is complete, you should schedule an appointment with the service department at Floridian. This is a wrap-up meeting that can teach you how to use the pool equipment installed in your custom pool. You’ll be able to ask any remaining questions before it’s time to enjoy your pool!


Building a custom pool doesn’t have to be difficult. These steps may seem overwhelming at first, but Floridian will be there to help you every step of the way! You’ll be enjoying your custom pool in no time.

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