11 Ways You Could Have A Personal Injury Case

A personal injury incident can happen at a moment’s notice and turn your life upside down. Suddenly, things that were easy are simply impossible, thanks to your injury.

You may not be able to work, you might face mounting medical bills, and your life could be changed forever because of events beyond your control. You expect that your insurance company will cover you, but that’s not necessarily going to be the case.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies refuse to negotiate settlements of legitimate injury claims,explain the attorneys at Becker Law Office in Kentucky. “When that situation arises, you need a skilled courtroom attorney who has proven trial experience to seek justice in court.”

Most people don’t want to go through the trouble of hiring a lawyer and heading to court. They don’t wish to appear greedy or risk problems in their social circles. But when your life is in distress, and your insurance company won’t cover you, you need legal help.

Here are some of the most common cases for which you might file a personal injury claim.

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1. Slip And Fall Accident

This is one of the most common personal injury cases, and it’s exactly what it says. Maybe you fell and broke an arm on a wet floor, or a company failed to mark or cover dangerous power cords that caused you to trip. Their negligence means you’re eligible for certain compensation.

2. Vehicle Collision

When a car or truck crash is caused by someone else, and that person’s insurance doesn’t cover your medical bills, lost wages while you’re out of work, and other expenses, you may need an attorney to fight for you. Even if you can cover your own expenses, you shouldn’t have to, because it’s the responsibility of the other party to do so.

3. Inadequate Workers’ Compensation Coverage

In 2016, 2.9 incidents per 100 workers happened in any given work environment, according to OSHA. Some occupations pose a higher risk for injuries than others, but all injury that occurs in the workplace should be fully covered by the company’s workers’ compensation policy. If you or a family member did not receive adequate compensation for a workplace injury, you might have a strong personal injury case that’s worth pursuing.

4. Toxic Substance Exposure

While this type of work injury is not terribly common and can be difficult to prove, exposure to toxic substances can be grounds for a personal injury claim. Toxic substances range in severity from food poisoning to black mold to radiation, all of which can result in serious health problems.

If you believe you have been poisoned in any way from a toxic exposure, call a personal injury attorney to see whether you might have a case. You’ll need expert witnesses, toxicology reports, and other concrete findings to support your suit and win the coverage you deserve.

5. Medical Malpractice

Doctors know a lot, but they aren’t perfect. They can write an incorrect prescription, ruin a procedure, neglect your care, or make other mistakes. When your condition worsens as a result of their error, you have grounds for a medical malpractice suit, and all the compensation that may come with it.

6. Defamation Of Character

It is unlawful for anyone to make unsupported claims about you that can defame your character, whether they openly spread rumors around the neighborhood or print something publicly that damages your reputation.

To build a solid defamation case, you’ll need to prove that the claims were incorrect. If successful, you’ll be owed compensation for your tarnished reputation.

7. Dog Attacks

Dog owners are financially responsible when their dog bites or injures someone. Although severe dog bites are not common, they can be life-changing or even fatal.

State laws vary regarding how to determine the severity of a dog attack, but most will support a personal injury case with a single, severe bite.

8. Assault Or Battery

Intentional injury is not based on carelessness or negligence the way many personal injury cases are, but it’s still a serious legal infraction that can end in a hefty compensation. These cases are often easier to prove, and the offending party will likely face criminal charges.

9. Defective Products

When your cell phone explodes and causes skin burns, or your new vehicle fails to brake properly and causes an accident, the manufacturer is required to pay the resulting medical bills, lost wages, lifestyle compensation, and expenses. If it refuses to pay, you could have a grounded case.

10. Pharmaceutical Defects

Certain drugs and pharmaceuticals can cause severe, life-altering side effects. Some can even cause cancer or other fatal illnesses.

Drug companies are legally required to release only safe drugs, and when they don’t, or they fail to make certain side effects known, they should be held responsible with legal sanctions.

11. Property Negligence

Any time you’re on someone else’s property, whether it’s a business or a residence, and that party fails to take certain safety precautions that eventually lead to injury, the property owner should pay for damages. If he or she refuses, it’s up to a certified attorney and your strong personal injury claim to obtain what’s owed.

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