12 Bird Nests In Unusual Places: Get Inspired By Nature

I’ve always had a soft spot for bird nests and the baby birds that the mamas take care of inside those nests. I’ve written before about Tweet-Tweet, my childhood pet. Tweet-Tweet was a wild sparrow that I rescued after he fell out of his nest. After he was strong again, I tried to let him go back into the wild, but he wouldn’t leave me. I kept him as a pet in my house for ten years until he finally died.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes birds build their nests in unusual places? I’ve noticed it a lot lately here in Atlanta, and it’s fascinating to me. Why do they do that? There isn’t a shortage of trees here, so I’m perplexed by the whole thing. Since I live in the city, and that is where I see these nests many times, could it be because these birds are just adapting to their urban lifestyles? Perhaps these public urban locations make the birds feel at home. Maybe they like being around tall buildings and that busy environment.

Regardless of the reasons why, when I see a birds nest in an urban public space, it inspires me. It’s such a wonderful example of nature in the city. When the birds are deciding on a future home, they are obviously unaffected by the pollution, traffic, and noise that we often complain about. As usual, we have a lot to learn about tolerance, adaptation and simplicity from nature. Below are some pictures I found to share with you that feature bird nests in unusual places. I hope you enjoy them!

Baby Birds In An Ashtray

Baby Birds In Traffic Light

Baby Birds In Car Engine

Baby Birds In Bank Sign

Baby Birds In Metal Pipes

Blue Birds In PVC Pipe

Baby Birds In Public Ashtray

Baby Birds In Stop Light

Baby Birds On Telephone Pole

Baby Birds On A Building

Baby Birds Born In Dirt

Baby Birds Born On Tire

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