12 Great Gifts Your Boss Will Actually Appreciate

A great boss deserves a great gift that shows them just how much you appreciate them. Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, Boss’s Day, or just a random thank you, you’ll want to make sure you give your boss the perfect gift that they will enjoy. If it doesn’t earn you a promotion, it will at least put you on the list of their favorite employees. Here are twelve great gifts to give your boss that they are sure to appreciate.

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1. Custom Phone Case

Your boss is probably always on their phone, taking multiple business calls each day to ensure the office runs smoothly. Design your own phone case that really showcases the pictures that mean the most to them.

Maybe it’s a picture of their family member, pet, favorite sports team, or even a photo of a few of the office employees. Whatever image you choose, your boss will enjoy looking at it each time they answer a phone call.

2. Felt Letter Board

Letterboards have become a popular way of displaying favorite quotes, daily schedules, or even weekly dinner menus. Your boss can stay on task by listing their to-do items on this handy felt letter board. The easy-to-use letters can be stored in the handy bag that’s included with each purchase.

3. Gem Bookends

Keeping on theme with creating a beautiful desk display, these gorgeous gem bookends are an excellent way for your boss to showcase their favorite books on either their desk or a bookshelf. They’re available in multiple colors with each color representing a different quality like strength, intellect, beauty, dominance, motivation, and love- all things a good boss should possess.

4. Seat Cushion

Your boss might suffer from lower back pain from all the long hours they spend sitting in a hard desk chair. This seat cushion promotes better posture, which will keep your boss out of the chiropractor’s office and in the work office. It’s portable, which means they can even take it with them when they travel for business or head home to continue working those long hours.

5. Timex Watch

You really can’t go wrong with purchasing a watch for your boss, or any other person in your life who has a busy schedule. This unisex Timex watch comes in a variety of colors, each with a comfortable leather band.

It features an analog display with quartz movement, an interchangeable slip-through strap, and buckle enclosure. It’s even water-resistant, which means they won’t have to remove it every time they have a mishap with their morning coffee.

6. Neck/Shoulder Massager

Being a boss comes with its fair share of stress. This can lead to tight shoulder and neck muscles and chronic migraine headaches. The best way to relieve shoulder and neck tension is with a gentle massage. Professional massages take time and money, but this Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager is something your boss can take with them wherever they go.

Whether they’re at home, traveling, or in the office, this massager pinpoints the areas in the neck and shoulders that regularly fill with tension. Eight rotating knots provide a deep tissue massage that can be adjusted based on the preferred intensity.

7. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Now your boss can pop it every day with this unique bubble wrap calendar featuring an air-filled bubble for each day of the year. They’ll laugh and delight in this addicting calendar that offers the joy and stress-relieving fun that is only popping bubble wrap does. It’s a silly and humorous way for your boss to count down the months until another exciting year approaches.

8. Llama Desk Duster

Save the drama for your llama! Another exciting novelty item, this llama desk duster is both functional and fun. Made from soft, pink material, this duster removes dust and debris from any desk or hard surface quickly and easily. Its stretchable shape allows it to sneak into those hard-to-reach places like keyboards, behind computer monitors, and in between books on bookshelves. Your boss will get a real kick out of it!

9. Echo Dot

If your boss is a lover of Amazon’s Alexa, then the Echo Dot is a must-have item for their office. It’s a great addition to any room and brings the power of Alexa anywhere it’s placed. Your boss will feel like they have their very own personal assistant right inside their office.

Whether they want to listen to music, hear the latest news or weather report, set the alarm, control smart home devices from the office, or get random questions answered, the Echo Dot will be their go-to tool. It’s available in three attractive colors so it will fit in perfectly with any office color scheme.

10. Boss Coffee Mug

Every boss needs a good coffee mug, even if they aren’t a coffee drinker. It’s excellent for holding water, soda, or even alcohol on those tough days at the office. This super boss coffee mug also makes a great pencil holder if your boss prefers to use it as a decorative item. The thick, white lettering that spells out “100% Pure Super Boss” really stands out against the black background.

11. Business Card Holder

If your boss is continuously thumbing through their wallet for their business card, gift them this attractive rose gold business card holder to store all of their business cards. They’ll be able to grab them quickly to pass out to clients while also really upping their style game.

12. Desktop Organizer

Staying organized is key to running a successful business, so help your boss stay organized with this easy-to-use desktop organizer. Featuring a wooden shelf and three easy-to-slide drawers, this organizer has room to store all of your boss’s essential paperwork and items like a stapler, tape dispenser, and other office must-haves.

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