12 Simple Ways to Improve Yourself Dramatically

We live in a world where we always make sure that we look after everyone else, but have you thought about yourself lately? Maybe you are the type of person who constantly likes to make improvements to yourself to make your life enjoyable? Maybe you are the type who likes to constantly be updated or just wants to make some changes in your life because you feel stagnant and want some release of the old you?

People sometimes feel the need to make improvements in their lives, but often refrain from doing so because they feel they either do not have time or they simply do not know where to start. Maybe they also feel that they need to have a lot of resources and hire someone to help them make the necessary improvements.  It is inspiring to me to set a goal and make room in my life for self improvement. It does not only benefit me personally, but also allows me to be a better friend, sister, daughter, etc… to the people around me.  Here are some simple steps that I follow in order to make a difference in my life.

1.  Pick up that book and read it from cover to cover – There are so many books out there on specific topics that you can buy, but make sure to really sit down and take the time to read it and understand it.  Okay, you don’t care for books, then you can always surf the world wide web and start reading and see how the information can help you on your journey.

2. Take up a course or a hobby – One is never to old or too young to learn.  Do something creative with your time.  Weather it is cooking, sewing, writing a blog, etc…  What is important here is that you choose an activity that you are passionate about and just do it.

3.  Implement your dream or wish – Some people wish and make a lists of things that they want to change, but this will all be a waste of time if one does not act on them.

4.  Learn a Different Language – I know a lot of people who have taken lessons and have seen how it has improved their confidence and given their spirit a boost.

5.  Relax and take a break – Taking a break is one way to rejuvenate your mind and spirit.  Get a massage, take a long walk, the point here is we need to make sure that our mind and body is taken cared of.  You will notice that by taking that break, you will be more productive and energetic.

6.  Have your photo taken by a professional photographer – This will allow you to discover your inner self, I love doing this at least 2x a year.  I guess I am just lucky to know some very creative photographers that tell me and teach me how to look great in photos.  Try it you will be amazed at what you can discover about yourself.

7.  Go out and explore – Take a trip. I do this at least once a year. If you cannot go out of the country, visiting your local hot spots and scenic sights will do you a lot of good.  It will definitely give you a different perspective about the way you live.  It will allow you to expand your horizon.

8.  Create a journal or a personal blog – Having a journal or a personal blog can help you not only track your progress but it also allows you to record your self improvement journey.

9.  Challenge yourself – Take yourself out of your comfort zone once in awhile.  By doing activities that challenge yourself and your limits, you will see what you are really capable of doing.

10. Help others – The best way for one to realize his or her potential for compassion is by helping others.  Giving is such a great feeling that will definitely boost your self esteem and confidence.

11. Exercise – Jog, dance, walk, yoga, no matter what form of activity you decide to do, it will boost your heart rate and release endorphins which is a great way to feel good and lose those extra pounds if you need to lose weight. You just need to give yourself 20 minutes 3x a week to see an improvement.

12. Get a Make Over – It does not need to be a big make over, you can just probably do some wardrobe changes or get a hair cut that will suit your look well and highlight your assets.

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