14 Not So Sweet Facts About Sugar

There has been a lot of controversy about sugar over the past few decades. Among other things, we’ve heard that eating too much sugar causes diabetes. Then we were told that it doesn’t cause diabetes, but it causes obesity, which is linked to diabetes. There are those affected that need a continuous glucose meter. We’ve also been told that eating too much sugar is linked to insomnia, allergies and even our metabolism. I could go on and on about the side effects of sugar.

My question is, if it’s so bad for our health (some people say it’s like a poison), why do we eat so much of it? Our diets here in the States are full of sugar, but we may not even realize it. For example, it’s easy to cut down on candy and soda, but did you know that bread, ketchup, canned fruit, cereal and salad dressing also contain a lot of sugar?

I don’t eat much sugar, and I haven’t for a few years now. When I get a sugar craving, I just write a post about cupcakes or something sweet, and that usually does the trick. However, compared to people living in other countries who have different diets, I probably still eat too much sugar just based upon the hidden sugars in our foods. If you have been thinking about monitoring your sugar intake a little more closely, check out this infographic put together by Online Schools for some eye opening facts about sugar. I’m shocked that according to this, in the average American diet, added sugar alone accounts for 496 calories each day. It looks as though sugar isn’t so sweet after all, doesn’t it?

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Not So Sweet Sugar

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