16: Moments | A Profound Film About The Moments In Life

What exactly is a moment in time? If you really think about it, it’s quite an interesting question. Our entire lives are made up of billions of moments. Last fall I wrote a post about Chris Milk’s 42 second film entitled Last Day Dream.” In the same style of visual potency, Will Hoffman created this 4 minute film below called 16: Moments which was inspired by the book, Sum by David Eagleman.

In this film, you see a powerful illustration of the moments that make up our lives. I am a very visually stimulated person and I found this to be fabulous. The universe is such a big place, yet at times, like when watching this film, it really seems like a small world. We all experience many of the same things, and we grow and evolve together.

As this person said on their blog “Those moments are why I keep living. Because the move from one moment to the next is interesting and terrible and wonderful and sublime all at the same time.” This film will remind you that life’s fleeting moments are in fact what life is all about. Instead of always chasing tomorrow, we should appreciate today. This is visual sequencing at its finest.