17 Counterintuitive Things The Most Successful People Do [Infographic]

As we have seen over the course of a couple of days now, successful people have a whole armada of behaviors and agendas that they do on a regular basis. I am sure most of you are questioning whether these things are what make successful people successful. In order to become successful, you have to first believe that you can be. However, there are plenty of counterintuitive things successful people do which makes them susceptible to success in the first place.

It might be hard to understand successful people as they are usually quite stubborn and often perfectionists. It is one of the things that make them hard to be around, to get along with and of course to understand. Their counterintuitive behavior sometimes makes you wonder how they achieved success in the first place. There is, however, something in their counterintuitive behavior that increases their chances of success, and that can best be described as will.

If you are put through something over and over again you learn how to deal with it. Sometimes successful people get destructive in order to have another go at it, to perfect it if you will. This makes them more fine-tuned and thus puts them in a more favorable and competitive position compared to their competitors.

I stumbled over an infographic while I was researching that gave me the idea for this article. It is called 17 Counterintuitive Things The Most Successful People Do and is presented by Roda Marketing. It is not often that I find an infographic that I truly like, but this one struck a chord that I think everyone should listen to. One of the most useful advice I have ever got is that if you want to be successful you have to position yourself to become successful. That is what all of these counterintuitive behaviors are for. They simply suit you up for whatever you are not prepared for.

Have a gander at this infographic and see if you can implement some of these counterintuitive things into your path to success. I wouldn’t say they are vital, but they will definitely come in handy one rainy day. Don’t forget, however, that some people just have it in them to succeed while others have to work very hard for it. It’s like the infographic says “karma points are dispersed unexpectedly over decades, not in a scorecard of dollars”.

How Counterintuitive Behavior Can Lead To Success

Counterintuitive Behaviors Success People Infographic

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Image Credit: [Paying Fitness Forward]