25 Things To Do with a 5 Minute Break!

Everyone works so hard these days. I’m a workaholic and so are most of my friends. We seem to be constantly working. If you sit in front of your computer as much as we all do, then you know how hard it is to take a much needed break sometimes. I work on deadlines with clients a lot, and at times I know I need a break to feel inspired again, but I simply don’t have any time to spare.

However, guess what I’ve discovered recently? You can actually take a break for five minutes and feel better afterwards. Can you spare just five minutes? Sure you can!

After all, if we don’t take a break when we need it, we won’t be working at our optimum potential, so take 5 long uninterrupted minutes just for yourself! You deserve it! What can you think of that you can do with five whole minutes?

Here is a list to get you started…

1. Drink a bottle of water

2. Hit a punching bag

3. Play Wii

4. Dance

5. Pet your dog

6. Read to your child

7. Play an instrument

8. Pray

9. Get on the treadmill

10. Make a fruit smoothie

11. Read an interesting article

12. Empty the top rack of the dishwasher

13. Practice yoga

14. Close your eyes and listen to your favorite song

15. Kiss somebody you love

16. Take a quick shower

17. Do some sit-ups or jumping jacks

18. Call your mother (but keep it short and sweet)

19. Send someone special an email or e-card

20. Walk outside in the sunshine

21. Stand up and stretch

22. Get into the art of breathing

23. Enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee

24. Put your feet up on your desk and just chill

25. Last but not least, my personal favorite – Tweet!

Here is a five minute timer that you can set! Good luck!

Thank you so much for the great photos!