3 Things People Wish They Knew When Moving

Most moving stories don’t start with, “I’ve never had as much fun as I did that time when I was moving”. In fact, most moving stories are quite the opposite and filled with comments that end with “if only I had known beforehand”. The good news is that anyone planning a move can take advantage of some handy advice, thanks to those trials and errors of many moves past.

Now, without further ado, get ready to make your move as smooth as can be with help from these 3 things that people wish they knew when they were moving.

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1. Rent A Storage Locker Or Unit

Let’s set the scene, you’re moving in a few months and started packing up your current place so it can be staged and put on the market to sell. Now you’re surrounded by packed boxes and furniture that needs to disappear so staging can be done, but the move-in date for your new place is still months away. Chances are this is already sounding like a “I’ve been there” situation for most people that have gone through a move of their own.

Before desperately trying to find anywhere to temporarily leave your haul or start getting rid of things for the sake of convenience, get those belongings on the move to College Station to be safely stored until you’re ready to move into your place. In other words, a storage rental will save you from a lot of headaches by keeping your movables out of sight and out of mind.

2. Avoid Mixing When Packing

This may seem like common sense but anyone that has undergone a move will likely attest that at some point things we’re just being thrown and packed into whatever box they could fit in. Although this method might work at saving time while packing, unpacking at your new place is going to become a much bigger job then it needs to be.

Sure, those travel mugs fit great in a box with your winter hats and collection of DVDs, which seems like a great idea until the time comes to unpack. Chances are that box will take at least twice as long to unpack while you run around to all different places so things can be put in the proper spot.

Long story short, save yourself the headache and don’t mix unlike items when packing.

3. Don’t Leave Space In Packed Boxes

As if packing isn’t stressful enough, there’s the game of making sure not to pack a box too heavy. However, putting a couple heavy things in a box and leaving extra space can be a bad idea. Once moving day comes and boxes are being stacked for transportation, heavier boxes should be at the bottom of the stack. Then fate is left to decide the durability of those boxes under pressure. Chances are the extra space left is a recipe for that heavy box to crumble, causing that stack of boxes to go tumbling over.

Avoid crumbling boxes and damaged belongings by remembering not to leave space in packed boxes.

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