3 Great Tips For A Comfortably Quiet Home

When it comes to work-life, we know it can be exhausting. A hectic routine can leave us drained and we need a quiet space all of our own, in order to revitalize our body and mind.

Stress is said to be a major contributor towards bad health according to many studies and one of the best antidotes to stress is to get more rest. Our home should be the ideal place for us to unwind when we are tired, however, some factors like noise can restrict us from relaxing in our homes.

Even low-level noise can increase stress levels and disrupt sleep or any activity that needs focus. Therefore, it is vital to turn our home into a quiet place so that we can remain calm and get enough rest. Here are some awesome tips for a quiet home.

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Soundproofing The Floors

Floors can creak and cause a lot of unwanted noise that can at times be very irritating. When someone walks, runs or taps on the floor or hardwood stairs, the noise can be heard across every room of a house. If a person is trying to sleep, rest, or focus this noise can be particularly annoying.

The solution to this problem lies in soundproofing the floors. One effective method is to install a thick carpet and pads underneath. It’s an excellent way of isolating noise coming from beneath the floor, which often gets amplified when moving furniture, or when kids are playing in the house etc.

Repairing Leaks

The constant tip-tap sound of dripping water can be frustrating, especially after midnight when it’s quiet outside.

Look for leaks in the roof, basement area and especially in the bathrooms. There might be a loose tap, burst waterline or something more serious.

Some of these leaks might be fixed very simply with a wrench, but some might point to something more serious.

Calling an expert plumbing company, in this case, is your best bet. They will find leaks in your house and get rid of the problem once and for all. This is important not only due to the noise but also because leakages can cause serious damage to the structure of your house.

Too Many Windows Is A Problem

We often like to install many windows in our homes to let light and air enter and exist in the house. While windows come with several benefits, there’s a drawback. Keeping them open can cause noise pollution as all kinds of noises from traffic to birds chirping can enter the house.

However, windows are the weakest area of the home when it comes to sound insulation. Noise easily penetrates thin window panes and enters the home. Thick curtains can help to block some of the unwanted noise. Another tip is to block as many air gaps as possible. A sound will travel more easily through air gaps. By blocking them you can make a difference in the amount of noise that enters your home.

As a last resort, you may consider something expensive like soundproof windows. Soundproof windows are made up of many layers of glass that work together to keep outside sounds at bay.

Check out this guide for some great tips on how to soundproof windows. Window seal kits may also help. They are installed on pre-existing windows and can get rid of the noise problem like a charm. They provide thermal insulation too, and are very easy to clean when necessary as they can be removed.

Quiet Home – Conclusion

A noisy home is a problem that you don’t have to put up with. First, consult local noise laws and make sure that noisy neighbors are operating within the rules.

If soundproofing measures are needed then they don’t have to break the bank either. However, if you have old, single pane windows then you might want to consider having them replaced.

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