4 Awesome Hobbies That Build Character

These days, we all live such busy lives that it can often seem like we have no time to do the things we love doing. Everybody has one hobby that enables them to relax, let off steam, or fully express themselves. There are as many hobbies as there are types of people and one person’s stamp collecting is another person’s skydiving. Regularly doing a hobby has great benefits for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Trying out a new hobby is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and experience something new.

If you are thinking about taking up a hobby that you have never tried before, this article is a guide to 4 awesome hobbies that build character.

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1. Martial Arts

Martial arts have been an incredibly popular hobby for generations and these days there are more martial arts gyms, dojos and fight schools than ever before. Martial arts provide practitioners with a huge range of benefits that you cannot get from any other kind of hobby. Firstly, martial arts can teach you how to protect yourself which is very important as there may be a time in your life when you may find yourself in a threatening situation.

Whilst not everyone who practices martial arts intends to step into the cage, just knowing that you have a few moves in your locker can improve your confidence and help you to exert an aura of authority in a confrontation. Martial arts teach discipline as it takes years of practice to even become half-decent at many fighting forms, let alone master them. It teaches you respect for your trainers, sparring partners and to the martial art itself, and it teaches patience as there will be so many difficult times in your martial arts journey.

2. Hunting

Hunting is a fantastic hobby that can build fantastic character in every hunter, amateur, or professional. Hunters develop excellent discipline and patience because hunting prey is a very difficult thing to do and there will be many days when a hunter might find themselves frustrated. Hunting is a great opportunity to spend time in nature, and if you are out on a multi-day hunt, it will greatly develop your survival skills and self-reliance.

Hunters develop greater skills of preparation as there is so much to consider and to plan if you are going to be successful. The professional hunters at huntingillustrated.com suggest that you need a lot of equipment and knowledge if you are planning to give hunting a go.

Guns, crossbows, and traps can be very dangerous, but hunters learn to respect their equipment, to take good care of it, and to make sure that the traditions of hunting are passed down to later generations. Hunting teaches respect for where your food comes from and hunters are often fat more conscious about what they eat and what they take from nature.

3. Chess

Chess is the ultimate game of strategy, intelligence, and ingenuity. People have been testing their wits against others on the chessboard for thousands of years and it is a fantastic hobby for sharpening your mental faculties and teaching patience and logic. Especially when you first start, chess can be a very frustrating game because it can seem like your opponent is always three steps ahead, no matter what you try.

Chess teaches patience and perseverance and when you finally start to see some of your plans come off and those checkmates start adding up, that sense of overcoming your initial mistakes is incredibly satisfying. Chess is a great game because it knows no age or gender limitations. It is just a chess player vs chess player, or at its very best, Grand Master vs Grand Master.

4. Skiing

Skiing is a great hobby for building character and for staying in great shape. Skiing is a sport that requires intense focus at all times or there can be really dangerous consequences. Like martial arts, skiing takes a long time to master, and so skiers must develop immense patience and determination.

Skiing can be very scary, especially when you first start or when you move up to the more difficult colored slopes, and so skiers have to demonstrate the amazing character to push past their fears and keep advancing on their journey. Skiing is a really good workout that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, which, coupled with the time that skiers spend outside in the mountain air, provides so many benefits.

There are so many great hobbies which can build character and help participants to develop important life skills. Whether you enjoy physical, outdoor activities or like to test your wits against an opponent, there is a hobby out there to suit you. If you are looking for something new, try one of the hobbies on this list and see if it is the right one for you.

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